About Me

I'm 18 and a freshman at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. I'm currently planning on majoring in Engineering while also possibly double majoring in Physics as well. I am an atheist and I believe in secularism, humanism, and environmentalism. I hope to someday have an important role in the fight for freedom from religion and all of the inhumane restrictions religion entails. The progress and happiness of our species depends on it.
In addition to religion and politics, I am very interested in the universe and the origins of the cosmos, as well as the evolution of species through natural selection. My favorite genres of music include techno, trance, hardstyle, metal, and artists/bands such as Eminem, God is an Astronaut, Death Cab for Cutie and many others. I love video games but won't be spending much time on those since my education is my priority in my life right now. I don't drink or smoke, I just have no interest in them. I do support the legalization of marijuana though.
I've lived a very fortunate life with few difficulties and am very lucky for that, I take many things for granted but I wish to spread tolerance and enlightenment throughout the world. I hate seeing people have their rights and freedom taken away because of religion, and that is what really got me into this. I admire the likes of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris. The world needs more people like them, and I want to help bring atheists out of the closet and support them in a time where they face the dangers of discrimination.